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You may know about Aruba’s white sand beaches and gorgeous crystal clear water, but after a visit, I learned “20 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Aruba”.

Aruba, is a small Dutch Caribbean island located a few miles north of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean.  Aruba is famous for it’s white-sand beaches, temperate climate and because it’s located just below the hurricane belt, the climate is dry, and they have very little rain.

On one side of the island you’ll find gorgeous white sand beaches and crystal clear water. The other side of the island you find rugged and rocky terrain, black sand beaches, caves, natural bridges and pools as well as rough surf. Here are 20 more facts about Aruba you may not know.

20 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Aruba

  1. Aruba’s first inhabitants are thought to have been Caquetío Amerindians from the Arawak tribe, who migrated from Venezuela.
  2. The official currency is the florin, but the U.S. dollar is used and accepted everywhere. In fact, ATM’s offer both dollars and florin.
  3. Aruba has a tropical Savannah climate.
  4. Aruba is Windy. It’s very windy. In fact, winds average 14- 21 miles year round.
  5. Aruba, along with Curaçao and Bonaire were formerly known as the Netherlands Antilles.
  6. Together with Bonaire and Curaçao, Aruba is part of what are commonly referred to as the ABC islands.
  7. Aruba is 20 miles long and five miles wide.
  8. Taxi’s have no meters in Aruba.
  9. Taxi’s charge a $3 surcharge on Sundays.
  10. Most food products are imported to Aruba.
  11. Aruba was conquered or settled by Spain, England and the Netherlands.
  12. Even though Aruba gained independence in 1986, they continue to teach using the Dutch school method. This includes teaching all students the Dutch language.
  13. Most Aruban’s speak at least four languages; their native language of Papiamento as well as English, Dutch and Spanish.
  14. Papiamento is a Creole language containing elements of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, English and French, as well as Arawakan and African languages.
  15. Aruba’s official language of  Papiamento is also spoken on the islands of Curaçao and Bonaire.
  16. Aruba is located on the South American continental shelf and geographically listed as part of South America, but considered to be part of Central/North America.
  17. Aruba is located 18 miles north of the coast of Venezuela.
  18. Aruba has the same average temperature year round of 82 degrees.
  19. The only poisonous creature on the island is the rattlesnake.
  20. Aruba’s official slogan is “One Happy Island”.

That is my list of “20 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Aruba”. Know more fun facts about Aruba? Please share them below in the comments!

20 Things You Probably Don't Know About Aruba

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Planning a trip to Aruba?
Check latest prices for Aruba hotels on |
Read reviews for Aruba hotels on TripAdvisor